MCM Comic Con!

I have been really ill the last couple of weeks, so I haven’t had it in me to update here or do much in all honesty.

I did however manage to get somewhat well enough to attend MCM Comic Con on Saturday. I have had this planned for a while, and it was a close call as to whether I would be able to attend, but Friday I started to feel better and that I was well enough to go. I didn’t go for the whole day, and I didn’t have it in me to go on Sunday as well.

I haven’t been to a convention since 2018. They were something I loved attending (and still do to a point) but I was getting increasingly fed up with the lack of etiquette that has developed with new photographers attending (and I should add, quite a lot of these are just men with cameras, not photographers). This put me off from attending anymore, which was a shame as I loved seeing & photographing people’s cosplays.

I decided to take my new Interfit Honey Badger Unleashed lights with me, so I could finally try them out of the studio and on location somewhere. I ended up being advised about a cool spot in the carpark of the Excel, and this is where I ended up doing my photos. Away from all the hustle & bustle of the crowds that form around the tree area.

I am really pleased with how these came out, and I didn’t shoot as much as I usually would at a convention, but actually preferred that from an edit perspective, and I was more keen on shooting cosplays I know & like/have interest in.

I hope to be attending in October, and see what cosplays I can photograph then!

Until then, make sure to check out the gallery below!

JL x

Credits: Louis & Lestat: Beyond Believing & Opal Ink Cosplay | Nathan Drake: Lying Cat Cosplay | Cammy Killer Bee: Lucid Belle Cosplay | Catwoman: Leora NYX

Fae Raven

I actually can’t believe I have left it this long to share any of the images (other than our cosplay publication) I shot of Fae Raven!

This beauty & I first worked together when I was back in university, about 11 years ago. We then worked together a year later when I was putting a charity calendar together to raise money for the Sophie Lancaster foundation – Fae was my February.

Fae hadn’t shot in a while since this shoot, but you wouldn’t have thought it. She is a complete natural, and so lovely to work with!

We shot such a variety that day. Did a bit of lingerie with natural light, shot some latex by Shhh Couture, they even made us a lovely green bikini shoot! and did a little bit of cosplay. It was honestly such an effortless shoot, and was so lovely to work with again after all this time. I can’t wait for us to arrange something else in the future!

Check out the gallery below!

JL x

Time has flown by!

I don’t know where the last 3 or so months has gone, and I can’t believe I have left it that long to update!

I have been busy with model shoots, self shoots & I have had a couple of weddings to photograph, some freelance retouching work and we have also had a couple of little breaks away. So time has just flown by!

Since my last update, I have shot with a couple of people who I have already worked with before, plus some new ones who I have wanted to work with for years! I have created some work I am really proud of.

This year I have definitely got to do more which has been fantastic, it has been so nice being creative with others again. As well as keeping myself busy with self shoots!

I am now done with shooting for 2021, other than for my last wedding of the year this weekend. I have some bits & pieces to do around the house between now and Christmas (I can’t believe it is next month already!), but I also just want to have some downtime to get ready to have a nice chilled festive period.

I still have some new images to finish, and share once publication has happened. I got to work with the lovely Dani Devine recently, and I love what we created and can’t wait to share!

Here is a bit of what I have been up to the past 3 months with models Purple Muffinz, Psycatt & Stephanie Jay! Image Heavy!

Alongside model shoots I have been self shooting quite a bit also. I love doing this as it lets me experiment with lighting and keeps me busy & creative if I haven’t had time to book any one in.

I will try to update a bit sooner next time (although I have said that before haha)

I still have new images to share, plus I did my 10 looks for Halloween again which was a blast!

I am going to be working on a separate website as well to start hosting my wedding & family photography, as it does not really fit in with this site, so keep an eye out for that!

JL x

I am still here!

I am still here!

I honestly can’t believe I have left it this long since I last updated! Life has just kind of flown by in the past few months and here we are already in June!

I have been busy with both my retouching job, but also it has been so lovely being able to work with other people on shoots since restrictions were lifted! I had my first shoot of 2021 back in April with Lily Omen (pictured right), and have been trying to shoot most weekends since! I have managed to do a bit of self shooting as well on the side of that, but honestly, I haven’t really had the time or the desire to as much now I have new faces to work with.

My shoot with Lily was fantastic, and we had never worked together before which was lovely. She was wonderful to work with, and we got so much done in the time that we had which was amazing. I am really hoping our paths cross again soon! I then shot with another new face to me, also in April, by the name of Olivia, who is also a latex designer under the name Lil’ Sweetheart Shop. She is someone that is fairly local to me, and we hit it off almost immediately. We shot a few of her designs, and although she is fairly new to modelling, she was lovely to work with and settled into it really quickly.

Lastly in April, I finally got to work with the pin up beauty that is Stephanie Jay. We have had plans to work together for a while now, and did have something booked in for last year until the C word scarpered those plans. But finally managed to get something in after lockdown, and we had a great shoot, she is such a pro. I really hope we can work together again.

Then in May, I got to do 2 more shoots I have had in the works for a while. Because of no conventions, I have really missed photographing cosplayers. I only managed one cosplay shoot in 2020, and I have been desperate to do more. So when Beyond Believing approached me last year about shooting her genderbent Geralt from Witcher, I jumped at the chance! Not only is it one of my favourite games, but her cosplay is based off of the Netflix series which I absolutely love! I found the perfect location that wasn’t too far from me, and we also really lucked out with the weather day, as the weather had been awful in the run up to it. We also shot a bit of Geralt back in my studio, plus some fitness looks as Nieke is a cross fitter. We got some really fab shots that day, and I also did a behind the scenes video which you can find below.

Check out the gallery below featuring some shots from the shoots I have done these past couple of months!

Behind the scenes video with Beyond Believing Cosplay.

My last shoot for May was with Halatirno. Again, this was another that had been planned for a while, but restrictions had prevented it from happening.

I contacted Gulli when I had a designer in America sending me some gorgeous scale mail items to shoot. Last year we shot some beautiful photos with a chainmail hood, so I knew instantly she would be perfect for this. She went to amazing lengths and crafted the most stunning gown just for our shoot! Again, I managed to find the perfect location for this and we had the most amazing weather for the day too.

I am still working my way through all the images, but here is a shot taken from my computer screen, plus some behind the scenes & location shots.

I will have plenty to share once all edited, plus I did another behind the scenes video.

I will try not to leave it so long until my next update!

JL x

Birthday & Valentines Shoot

It has been a few weeks! I don’t know where the time is going. I am busy with work, have been suffering with migraines and also in the middle of more renovations, so everything is a bit hectic!

With the news we got yesterday regarding the roadmap to ending lockdown, things feel more positive and hopefully we can start to get back to normal. I have my first vaccination this week as well.

I am really excited to start being able to see people again, and get shoots booked in and work with fellow creatives! My studio is currently being redecorated, so will be all finished once restrictions start to lift. But, because it’s currently being decorated, that means I just haven’t had the time or space to shoot, as everything from the two rooms we are working on, is spread out around my house until we finish.

I did however shoot some bits before my studio was out of action. It was my birthday at the end of January, so I shot a little look for that. I also did some looks for valentines day which I really enjoyed doing!

I have had Mad Love’s Harley Quinn on my to do list for a while, and I even made her cork gun for the shoot as well, the cowl & mask I bought online. I also wanted to do a cupid look, and had purchased some cushion filling to create clouds, which I have seen people use before, but I was really amazed at how well it worked! I then photoshopped in some clouds behind me to make it really look like I was up in the skyI. I really loved how these turned out, and are probably some of my favourite self shot images so far. I also did a bodysuit look utilising the natural light that my studio gets at golden hour. I only managed to get a few as I had just finished shooting cupid, so didn’t have a lot of time before the light went.

I am hoping to be able to start shooting again next month, but I don’t want to rush getting my studio/office just how I want it, so I am going to take my time with it!

I hope everyone is keeping well, and hopefully all this soon will be a distant memory!



First Self Shoot of 2021

First Self Shoot of 2021

Decided to start the year as soon as I could with some self shots. I ended shooting these on the 2nd, I was starting to get a bit antsy after having the time off over Christmas. I usually at the start of the year shoot something that is icy & cold relating, but actually went the opposite this time round. I bought this lingerie set off of Shein last year, and had plans to shoot with it for a while, so it seemed perfect to use it for this. Since I started my fitness journey back in 2019, my body confidence has improved 100% and I am loving doing these types of shoots. I am not exactly a stranger to them either, having done a bunch of stuff like this during my modelling days.

I had also wanted to shoot another cosplay look for a while too, and after doing my casual Raven last year I knew I wanted to do her properly. I already had all the bits to make her belt from when I had made a couple of head dresses for shoots & I already had a suitable bodysuit. I just ended up getting a wig, as my hair is not purple at the moment, and a cape. This was shot on a white wall with coloured gels, and then in post enhanced the saturation & added a smoky overlay. I used my fan to add some hair & cape movements which worked really well, as well as adding her powers into a couple of shots in post production.

I am still missing photographing other people especially going to conventions and shooting cosplayers, and I can’t wait to work with some of my amazing models again. I am still enjoying the self shoots and having the freedom to just do what I want though. I am already working on some plans for next month, including another cosplay look, before my studio gets a complete makeover!

JL x

Spooky Season Update!

Well, October flew by in the blink of an eye! I am incredibly late with posting as I was so busy throughout the whole month that I just never got round to updating!

October is my favourite time of year, not only is it my wedding anniversary, and the month everything starts to turn gorgeous shades of orange, but it is also officially spooky season!

We started off the month by being away for our anniversary, staying in a lovely family run cabin on a lake and next to a woods! It was perfect for us and pooch for a few days. Whilst there, I also shot some of my Halloween looks that I do for October! I usually aim to do around 10, as I just love this time of year. Our cabin was perfect for some of the ideas I had! I also went pumpkin picking with a friend, and did a Trail of Terror at Colchester Zoo with my family, as well as getting some last bits of decorating finished! Even though it’s been a busy one, and it’s generally my favourite time of year anyway, October has been the best month I have had this year!


Midway through the month, I also finally got to work with one of my favourite people again, Marie Devilreux! We had been trying to plan a shoot together again for ages, but our schedules just didn’t seem to allow it, and then the first lockdown happened!

She wanted to shoot her costumes she uses for acts, and we were lucky enough to use two of the venues she performs in, Proud at Embankment & Stringfellows in Covent Garden. We got so many gorgeous images that I just can’t wait to start working on this month. I let a camera film some behind the scenes too, so will make sure to put a little video together for that! I am already looking forward to us planning our next one!


I had great fun shooting this year’s Halloween looks. Some I have had in the works for a while, in particular my main cosplay which I started last year, and I actually did some on location which was a really nice change as well! Both outside ones I enlisted the help of my husband, as the weather was terrible whilst we were away, so windy & raining. So it wasn’t the conditions to shoot tethered, and my tripod kept shaking from the wind. So with everything set up, I gave him the camera to just take the photos.

Find the gallery below of a selection of the 10 looks I did! It has been great self shooting more this year, as it’s kept me busy when I haven’t been able to work with other people due to what is going on. The one I worked the hardest on was my Ash from Evil Dead. It is one of my favourite film franchises and I have wanted to cosplay him for ages! I made the chainsaw hand from scratch and would love to do more with it!

Here is a little Ash video I did whilst we were away. I have used some old clips from a Evil Dead behind the scenes video I did years ago, but added in new ones my husband filmed. Music is by him as well.

I had shoots arranged for this month, but due to Lockdown 2.0, I am now just going to catch up on my editing from my last shoot, and also just enjoy a bit of downtime! I have some Christmas content in the works to shoot, although I am absolutely not ready for the C word right now!

Keep a look out for the new post on Marie, I am so excited to share our new images!

Stay safe!





Big bada boom!

The Fifth Element is one of my absolute favourite movies, and I first cosplayed Leeloo about 5 years ago at MCM Comic Con. At the time I really liked the costume and had worked really hard on it, but looking back on it, I started to hate it and felt I really wanted to redo one of my favourite characters.

This was only a test shoot really, as I still need to find the right kind of gold bottoms to be able to shoot the costume fully, but I couldn’t resist doing some shots with everything else I had. It all started when I found the suspenders for a really good price on Aliexpress, too good to not order. Whilst being great for photos, if I was to ever wear them for a convention they would most certainly need some alterations. The first time I did this costume, the suspenders were made just from foam, so I couldn’t resist getting a proper rubber set! The next part of the costume is also the most notable part, and that is her hair. My first wig wasn’t too bad, but it still wasn’t right so I wanted to go all out this time. I found a tutorial on Youtube by one of the best cosplayers out there, Alyson Tabbitha. Followed it exactly and I was super happy with the results. I still think I need to alter it a bit, like the length but it worked great for my test shots.

I had so much fun doing this shoot, and I am so glad I did it properly this time. I am planning on shooting her bandage costume as well, which I have already made, but I am still deciding how and where to shoot it. With the colder weather now upon us, outside isn’t on the cards so it may be something I wait to do in 2021!

Next week I am shooting my main Halloween cosplay that I have been working on on and off all year. I am so excited about this as I am shooting it at a location that is completely fitting for the character! I may try and do some behind the scenes videos as well!

Keep a look out for that!



Productive Weekend!

Productive Weekend!

This weekend has been a productive one for me, as I have been busy with shoots and catching up with some editing.

First shoot of the weekend was with a Twitch Streamer by the name of Alyska Plays, who contacted me about photographing a cosplay she had. It was one of the dresses worn by Yennefer in the Netfix Witcher series. I jumped on the chance, as I love both the series & video games.

She had never done a photoshoot before, and our original plan had to be put aside due to the weather changing drastically, but we made it work and she and I both ended up loving the results!

I have only edited a couple for now, but here they are. The headshot I just love!

Yesterday I had a shoot with a lovely model who I have been working with since last year. It was nice to see her again with everything that has been going on, as we were due to shoot in April! We decided to go the colourful route, but didn’t get to do everything we had intended due to the weather again! I was really hoping for some natural light shots as well, but it poured down all day!

Here is a sneak peek of what we got up to.

I am currently in the process of finishing off last week’s edit as well as the behind the scenes video!

I have plenty to keep me busy at the moment.

JL x

I've left it a while...

I've left it a while...

I hadn’t quite planned to leave it this long before updating again! I don’t actually know where the time has gone. It’s crazy how time has flown this year by not being able to really do anything. I have been keeping busy somewhat, mostly with my retouching work, and DIY!

I am hopefully back to shooting models again in August! I am looking forward to photographing other faces rather than just my own. I won’t be diving back in fully just yet, as my weekends are unfortunately the only time I get to do work on the house with my husband, and we are a bit behind where we wanted to be due to Covid.

I haven’t self shot as much as I normally would, mostly due to my time having to be used elsewhere, but I have still managed to do some bits.

Her style is totally everything I love, so I just had to do something. I would now love to do a proper cosplay look of her, but we shall see. I may do a lingerie version for now.

I don’t think I actually got round to sharing these when I shot them back in April! It doesn’t even feel that long ago, again it’s mad how time is just whizzing by.

This was when I first went back to purple during this lockdown (I am currently on my 2nd go with purple now), and I couldn’t resist doing a casual Raven look. I was loosely inspired by some fan artwork by Gabriel Picolo & Oliussart.

Back in May, I yet again changed my hair colour. Not being able to see my hairdresser has been tough, as I won’t allow myself to bleach my hair anymore, as it’s so much healthier since I stopped doing it. So I am just living with monsterous roots, and decided to play with a different colour. And shoot some new natural light pictures, as I loved doing the last set.

The yellow didn’t last long however, but I think it will make a return at some point!

In May, I also shot another outfit from Shhh Couture Latex that I had, and I also shot a look with the Harness I was gifted by Basque & Glory, teamed up with the matching corset. This set was probably my favourite I had shot. I love using orange gels in images, and it worked so well with the colour of the wig, and the rust tones in the backdrop.

For the latex set, I used some pearlescent plastic wrap to create the backdrop. It’s great stuff to use as it catches the light really well, but also because it’s pearlescent, you can see the different colours in it.

I have another two new sets I still need to edit, which I just shot just recently. June, I didn’t do any self shooting. I took a bit of time away from social media, and tried focusing on other things for a little while. It was quite needed, and I felt a bit more refreshed after it.

Keep an eye out for some new sets!

Hopefully I won’t leave it so long to update next time!

JL x