About Me -

I am a self taught freelance Photographer & Retoucher who is based down by the coast in a little village in Essex. I work from a little studio I have in my home, that I share with my husband, plus our 2 cats, dog and leopard Gecko. When I am not behind the camera, my other interests include Gaming, Fitness, Cooking, Travel & going for long walks….I can also be found sometimes in front of the camera!

Creating imagery is my absolute passion, and I love pushing my abilities to try new things and experiment with Lighting. Coloured gels is where my love lies, and I can be seen using these in a majority of my work.

My style is quite varied as I enjoy shooting different things, anything from Dark & Gothic to Bright & Colourful. I love being able to flit between a variety of styles to keep not only my imagery interesting, but to keep me on my toes with my creativity.

I love what I do, and I am always keen to hear peoples ideas that they wish to bring to life!

So, Lets Talk!