What I've Been Upto...

I didn’t realise it has been a month since my last post, I have no idea where May has gone! I have spent the month working mostly, due to people in my department at my day job being on furlough. In all honesty, I am enjoying the freedom of working from home, its nice to be in my own space and I have found I have been far more productive.

I haven’t shot much throughout May, I just wasn’t feeling inspired to do any looks, and actually just felt a bit run down. I did however, shoot some new looks at the weekend for June, as I got a bit of a creative buzz back which was nice.

The one thing I had been making sure to get out and do more last month was walking. I really got into my fitness last year, mostly doing weights, but my steps have always suffered due to working a desk job. I started really well at the start of the year, going out on my lunch breaks for walks, walking the dog every evening, but then I kind of stopped and was barely hitting 4k steps a day. I now aim for at least 10. I get up early and do a 2 mile walk first thing with Luna, and then we go out for another mile in the evening. I am making sure to get up and just take a walk around the house to get away from my screen as well.

During one of these walks, I took my SLR with me. Every month since we have had Luna I have taken her photo professionally. I obviously have tonnes of photos on my phone, but I like to try and capture her properly to document how she changes.

I took these on one of our walks. We are quite fortunate to live in such a beautiful area that is surrounded by nature, and this one absolutely loves the sunshine and being outside!

I did get round to doing a couple of looks, nothing as dramatic as previous, and also doing something I haven’t done for a while, which is shoot portraits with natural light. I actually forgot how much I love natural light. I had planned to do more of it this year, but then Covid-19 happened, and literally all of my shoot plans have just gone out of the window, and I am just having to do self stuff for the time being.

I first did a sport lingerie set, where the main source of light is to my left which is our bedroom window. I really liked this set, and due to getting into fitness I have found more body confidence. I used to do lingerie stuff back when I modelled, so this wasn’t anything new for me.

Second look I did was just sort of a Outfit of the Day look inspired for World Goth Day, which falls on the 22nd of May. I was kindly gifted the harness from Basque & Glory, and wanted to incorporate it into a look for that. I shot this in my dining room with the main light source being the window in front of me. I am quite fortunate that I have big windows in my house, so the lighting is always lovely…its just a pain when having to get curtains & blinds!

I can’t wait to show you what I shot the weekend just gone. Another natural light lingerie look  with another new hair colour! Plus a couple of studio looks with gels!

JL x