Gothic Culture Magazine

Last month a set from my shoot with Lauren C was published in Gothic Culture Magazine. I really loved this set we created in the master bedroom of my home.

Below are the tearsheets from this issue.

At the weekend just gone, I had my 2nd shoot with Psycatt. I always love working with her, and she always brings some amazing latex to our shoots from Pandora Deluxe.

We got some really cool stuff in my studio, as well as doing a set downstairs. I am excited to get them all edited! Some sneak peeks below!

I am keeping my March quiet on the shoot front, I might book in the odd one or two, but I have some product & lifestyle work coming my way so want to keep my time free for that, plus I still have a bunch of editing to catch up on! Then it is back to being busy in April, and I have some great shoots lined up already!

JL x