Finally back to shooting!

It seems summer is officially here, and boy is it a scorcher! I am glad that I had already shot the latex looks I did last month when it was cooler!

In my last post, I mentioned that I have a coupe of self shoots to still edit. I had fun with these, I love playing with different styling, wigs & lighting. First set, I wanted to shoot something a bit fashiony and bold. I have had this red bodysuit for a while, which I keep in my costume drawer specifically for shoots. I love how bright the red is, so wanted it to contrast with the backdrop, and felt my Blue was the perfect match! My fan was used for this set as well, I am just absolutely loving hair movement in photos currently.

The second set I wanted to do something a bit Cyperpunk/post-apocalyptic, with a futuristic twist. I felt my neck corset was fitting as well for the times at the moment, where we all have to wear a mask when shopping or using transport. I went a bit more creative with these and decided to photoshop in aspects of the backdrop to more fit the theme.

To plan these shoots though, I actually used some software I have only recently come across, and really like. It’s called Set a Light 3D. It’s fantastic for planning your set up, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to play on the day. 

These were the results from my set up in the software. Obviously, with the Cyberpunk look I went with more saturation, but both turned out how I had envisioned in this program.

Below are the results.

Sunday was my first shoot with a model since lockdown. It was supposed to have happened last weekend, but I got let down last minute, and did again by the same person this weekend. Fortunately, someone I have worked with before saw my post looking for someone last minute.

We had a fab afternoon creating, and it felt so good to be back behind the camera again.

I hopefully have another 2 shoots this week, and potentially another couple at some point on a weekday, and then I am not able to shoot again until about the end of September/ beginning October due to house renovations.

Here is a sneaky peek of the looks we did Sunday taken on my phone.

I am so excited to edit these images. I have almost narrowed them down, but boy has it been hard! I think the chainmail hood shots are possibly my favourite. I have shot with this a few times now, but everyone has been styled so differently, it’s amazing what different accessories & lighting can do.

I should hopefully have a behind the scenes video of this to share once I get round to editing it, so keep a lookout for my next post!