Big bada boom!

The Fifth Element is one of my absolute favourite movies, and I first cosplayed Leeloo about 5 years ago at MCM Comic Con. At the time I really liked the costume and had worked really hard on it, but looking back on it, I started to hate it and felt I really wanted to redo one of my favourite characters.

This was only a test shoot really, as I still need to find the right kind of gold bottoms to be able to shoot the costume fully, but I couldn’t resist doing some shots with everything else I had. It all started when I found the suspenders for a really good price on Aliexpress, too good to not order. Whilst being great for photos, if I was to ever wear them for a convention they would most certainly need some alterations. The first time I did this costume, the suspenders were made just from foam, so I couldn’t resist getting a proper rubber set! The next part of the costume is also the most notable part, and that is her hair. My first wig wasn’t too bad, but it still wasn’t right so I wanted to go all out this time. I found a tutorial on Youtube by one of the best cosplayers out there, Alyson Tabbitha. Followed it exactly and I was super happy with the results. I still think I need to alter it a bit, like the length but it worked great for my test shots.

I had so much fun doing this shoot, and I am so glad I did it properly this time. I am planning on shooting her bandage costume as well, which I have already made, but I am still deciding how and where to shoot it. With the colder weather now upon us, outside isn’t on the cards so it may be something I wait to do in 2021!

Next week I am shooting my main Halloween cosplay that I have been working on on and off all year. I am so excited about this as I am shooting it at a location that is completely fitting for the character! I may try and do some behind the scenes videos as well!

Keep a look out for that!