Masquerade Cosplay Magazine

Monday again!

I was originally supposed to shoot on Saturday, but that ended up getting postponed due to the model having a family matter. I was intending to keep my weekend clear to catch up with some editing, but I ended up booking a last minute shoot on Sunday, with Elixir Black again, and also Konstantine. It turned out these two knew one another, and were looking to do a duo shoot, so I jumped at the opportunity. I did a single set with each of them quickly, and we shot 3 different looks in a similar setting. I am really excited to edit their photos! I forgot to take any back of the camera shots as It was a quick shoot, but I did record time lapse videos to make more reels!

Last week, I also had this great cover come out from my shoot with Fae Raven. I submitted our Boba Fett latex images to Retro Lovely Magazines. Masquerade magazine which is for Cosplay. I wasn’t expecting another cover, but I was really pleased to see it there.

I still have the rest of the images from our shoot to share, so keep a look out for a separate post for those! But below is the time-lapse reel from this Boba Fett look!

JL x