Marie Devilreux - New Images!

It is mid November already, and I think that leaves about 7 weeks left of this bizzare & hellish year!

Although I can’t say I have had a terrible year, apart from the lack of freedom, not being able to see friends and shoot as much as normal. But, I have been busy with DIY, been very fortunate enough to still work, and also kept myself ticking over with self shooting!

I haven’t got round to shooting anything for this month just yet, as for the past week I didn’t even have a phone to be able to share anything anyway on Instagram. I’ve got a bunch of ideas, but just won’t have time for them all so going to do a couple this weekend, and then save the rest for January!

I did, however, get round to editing some of Marie Devilreux’s photos from October! So far the selection has only been made on the first look, and I also couldn’t help but edit this gorgeous shot we got at Stringfellows in their Leopard print room! The other images were taken at Proud Embankment! Such a lovely venue.

I had planned on a little behind the scenes video, but my other camera had not captured as much as I had thought before the battery died (it was full when I left, and then all of a sudden dropped!) and what I had captured on my phone I had lost when it broke.

Loads more to come!