Magnifique Magazine

Happy Friday!

It has been a nice shorter week this week thanks to the bank holiday Monday.

I am now on my break from shooting, I definitely burned myself out the last few months, so needed to take a step back and recharge myself.

Today, I had my latest magazine cover come out with Magnifique Magazine! I am so glad they picked this set for a cover, as I had already imagined the image they selected being a great cover choice! I love this set I shot with Elixir Black, and I am so tempted to edit a few more from this look. It was so hard to narrow them down, so I think I may have to do a couple more! The colours, and her outfit just compliment each other so well together.

I will be doing some more posts sharing some other looks that we shot, so look out for those. I also have another publication I am waiting on before I can share certain images! Make sure to check out the bottom of this post for the behind the scenes reel of this shoot!

Have a good weekend!

JL x


Magnifique Magazine Issue 97 | Front Cover | Elixir Black