Magnifiqué Alternative Edition

I can’t believe it’s the end of March already. The start of the year began so slow, and now I feel like it’s starting to zoom past!

But, here I am with another magazine cover. I haven’t intentionally set out for covers. I just had a goal of trying to submit more this year, whether I continue to do it as often as I have, who knows as sometimes you have to sit on images for a while before you can start using them.

This particular set I shot with Lauren, was shot in my dining room. We had already actually started posting the images online, when she was contacted by the editor of Magnifique Magazine, as they wanted to use the images for their next cover. I am really glad they chose these, as they really stand out with that blue background!

This weekend I am excited to be working with the gorgeous Elixir Black. She contacted me last month as she is heading over from Australia, and wanted to work together whilst visiting. I didn’t even hesitate with my answer, as it was an immediate yes! We have been sent some amazing designs from some very talented designers, and I can’t wait to see what we produce!

Be sure to look out for the back of the camera shots!

JL x