Latex Goodness - Self Shoot

I mentioned on my previous post I had some latex from Shhh Couture that was sent to me for model shoots, but I had decided to self shoot it during this time due to the current situation. I really love how these turned out, and I wanted to share my lighting set ups for both of these sets as well!

I loved this baby blue two piece that I knew I wanted to do something bright and colourful. The wig was a bargain off of ebay, and went great with this look. My favourite shot is actually the portrait shot to the left, which was a spur of the moment thing when I was coming to the end of the shoot.

As soon as I saw this dress, I knew I wanted to do something a bit more elegant. I had a halo that I made for shoot, but not yet used and thought this would go great with it.

This set I had the most issues with due to the back rim light with the snoot just kept misfiring, so it took a bit longer than I had wanted, and I was a bit fed up by the end, but I got there eventually.

I hope you liked those, and find the lighting diagrams useful.

I had another self shoot that I quickly did the other day, due to a hair change. I couldn’t resist doing a casual cosplay of a character with the same coloured hair! Keep a look out for those.

Stay safe,

JL x


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