Model: Halatirno Cosplay

Hello World!

I have been thinking about starting a blog on my website for a while now. It was something I had tried a few years ago, and failed at. So why again you ask?

Well, I just want a platform that I can share my work more freely, and share more of it. As great as social media it, it has its limitations, and certain things you can’t/don’t want to post due to how they have to be cropped, or because they don’t fit the look of your feed. So what kind of stuff will I be aiming to post on my blog? I will be looking to share any shoots I do with models, and aim to get behind the scenes photos and videos to share as well. I would also love to look at putting up lighting diagrams of some sort, to show how I created certain images.

I also self shoot over on my personal Instagram, as I love to create content and play with lighting etc. So I will be posting images from those. I will also be looking at sharing images I shoot from styles you wouldn’t normally think I do, such as nature, babies, weddings. I would like to treat this as a personal blog, not necessarily just to showcase my portfolio that you see on my website, but the body of work that doesn’t really get seen, and what I just enjoy doing in my spare time.

I love creating imagery, so I really hope you enjoy my posts.

JL x