Hello 2022!

Well here we are, another New Year! I hope everyone had a good Christmas & New Years.

I got a bit slack with the updating towards the end of last year, lost my mojo a little bit. But I am determined to get back on track this year.

I have already this weekend done my first shoots of the year which went great, and I am really excited for what the rest of the year will hold.

Towards the end of last year Invested in a new (well. 2nd hand camera) which was just the model up from my 5D Mark II, and I really love the Mark III. I just felt after 10+ years with my Mark II, I needed to retire it slightly and keep it as a backup. I also invested in some new lighting, finally saying buy to using my speedlites paired with my Bowens Geminis, and I now have a pair of Interfit Badger Unleashed, which are an amazing piece of kit.

I am looking forward to putting them more to use throughout 2022!

Image to the right is a peek from today’s shoot. It was my first shoot with a male model in a long time! Below a very sneaky peek of yesterday’s shoot. I am looking at submitting these, so can’t do a full reveal yet!


I am shooting again next weekend, and I still have some work from 2021 that I just never got round to sharing! So lets hope I don’t slack on updating here again!

JL x