First Self Shoot of 2021

Decided to start the year as soon as I could with some self shots. I ended shooting these on the 2nd, I was starting to get a bit antsy after having the time off over Christmas. I usually at the start of the year shoot something that is icy & cold relating, but actually went the opposite this time round. I bought this lingerie set off of Shein last year, and had plans to shoot with it for a while, so it seemed perfect to use it for this. Since I started my fitness journey back in 2019, my body confidence has improved 100% and I am loving doing these types of shoots. I am not exactly a stranger to them either, having done a bunch of stuff like this during my modelling days.

I had also wanted to shoot another cosplay look for a while too, and after doing my casual Raven last year I knew I wanted to do her properly. I already had all the bits to make her belt from when I had made a couple of head dresses for shoots & I already had a suitable bodysuit. I just ended up getting a wig, as my hair is not purple at the moment, and a cape. This was shot on a white wall with coloured gels, and then in post enhanced the saturation & added a smoky overlay. I used my fan to add some hair & cape movements which worked really well, as well as adding her powers into a couple of shots in post production.

I am still missing photographing other people especially going to conventions and shooting cosplayers, and I can’t wait to work with some of my amazing models again. I am still enjoying the self shoots and having the freedom to just do what I want though. I am already working on some plans for next month, including another cosplay look, before my studio gets a complete makeover!

JL x