Something a bit different for me...

Saturday I did some photography in area that is completely new to me. I dabble in most things and can be found photographing more than just models, such as families, pets, the occasional wedding etc. They are not usually things I advertise, but if people approach me for them, then I will do it.

I recently had a birth in the family, and as a gift I wanted to offer my services and create some imagery of the newborn for the mum & dad to treasure. I took a few backdrops with me, as I like to have options, and borrowed a selection of things from work such as article flowers, selection fo fabrics & a crate.

I only used two lights for these, as you don’t really need anything overbearing. I had to my right my Bowens with a softbox, and my left my other Bowens with a translucent umbrella on.

I am really happy with the results I got, having never photographed a newborn before. I know they always say you shouldn’t work with animals or children, but I I throughly enjoyed doing these photos. I plan to do images for them every month and produce a photobook for them to mark her 1st year.

Please see below for a few more images I shot. Let me know your thoughts!

Faith Roswell Sneak Peak!

Faith Roswell Sneak Peak!

Sunday I had the pleasure of finally working with the lovely Faith Roswell, who I wish I had worked with so much earlier, as she was an absolute blast! We have had this organised for a good couple of months, as Faith was doing a modelling tour and I was one of her last stops before heading home, so I jumped at the chance when she got in touch.

Faith makes amazing outfits out of literally anything, and had put together a few things especially for our shoot. I always love having a variety of things to shoot, I like to go a bit wild and try new things, even if each look doesn’t necessarily sit together usually, they still work.

We started off with a bodysuit, which started to have a superhero/villain vibe, which I will always dig due to loving cosplay & comics! Our second look had more of a gothic/cyberpunk, and the deep plunge on the bodysuit was gorgeous. We ended our shoot on a really cool wasteland look, which had some serious Mad Max vibes going on!

I am super excited to edit these. I did also do a few time lapse videos for behind the scenes as well. So keep an eye out for the pictures and little videos. I will also put a brief of my light set up at some point as well!