Venus Cult Magazine #68 - Polly Anther

Venus Cult Magazine

It has been exactly a week since my last update, and here I am to share my 2nd cover with Venus Cult Magazine & Polly Anther. We shot this leopard print look in a part of my bedroom, and I really love how these shots came out. I was not expecting them to select this for a cover as well, so that was a lovely surprise!

I am currently making plans for next weeks shoots, and have some bits coming from designers for them which is great. I am also still working my way through my shoot with Psycatt, and they should be finished very soon!

In the mean time, have another behind the scenes reel below!

JL x

Venus Cult Magazine #67 - Polly Anther

Venus Cult Magazine

It’s nearly the weekend! I haven’t got many shoots planned for this month. I actually didn’t intend to plan any as I had other things to shoot, and also I wanted to catch up on previous shoots. But, I now have a couple towards the end of the month which I am excited for! One with someone I haven’t worked with before, and every time she has previously visited the UK I have missed her, so that will be great. The 2nd is hopefully with someone I have not worked with in years! She was actually one of the first models I worked with when I was back in University, so it will be great to see her.

Earlier this week, I got the goods news of getting a cover with Venus Cult Magazine with the 80s glam metal look Polly Anther & I shot! This is a part of Retro Lovely Magazine. I wasn’t expecting it, as I had submitted a few of our sets to various spin offs of their magazine. I am so glad they picked this set for a cover though, as it is one of my favourites!

I still have a couple more covers to come out, which I am excited to see! and also start sharing the images from those shoots.

Be sure to check out the behind the scenes time-lapse reel on Instagram of this shoot below!

JL x

Gothic Culture Magazine

Gothic Culture Magazine

Last month a set from my shoot with Lauren C was published in Gothic Culture Magazine. I really loved this set we created in the master bedroom of my home.

Below are the tearsheets from this issue.

At the weekend just gone, I had my 2nd shoot with Psycatt. I always love working with her, and she always brings some amazing latex to our shoots from Pandora Deluxe.

We got some really cool stuff in my studio, as well as doing a set downstairs. I am excited to get them all edited! Some sneak peeks below!

I am keeping my March quiet on the shoot front, I might book in the odd one or two, but I have some product & lifestyle work coming my way so want to keep my time free for that, plus I still have a bunch of editing to catch up on! Then it is back to being busy in April, and I have some great shoots lined up already!

JL x



At the weekend I worked with an awesome friend of mine, Lil’ Sweetheart Latex. We shot some of her gorgeous cowgirl themed latex and had a blast doing so.

I am still working my way through the previous weeks shoot, so have only edited the image to the right, but I am really excited to get properly stuck in to this shoot!

I am shooting again at the weekend, with Psycatt, which will be our 2nd shoot. So that will be fun.

But for now have some little back of the camera sneaks from the cowgirl themed shoot!

JL x

Lauren & Polly

Last month I worked with Lauren again, and we had a great shoot and created some beautiful imagery. A couple of sets we sent for magazines, one was Gothic Culture Magazine, and we are due a cover in April from Nocturnus, which is exciting. Once I have tear sheets I will post those.

It is always a fun shoot with Lauren, as she is such a lovely and bubbly person to work with. We made use of areas of my house again, but different rooms, such as my dining room & bedroom, as well as my little studio. I think my favourite set was in the Dining room (image to the right), as I used a mix of ambient and flash in here, and used a blue gel for an accent.

I can’t wait to see our publication in April, and will hopefully get something else organised with this beauty again soon!


Polly - Back of the Camera

I had an incredible shoot with Polly Anther recently, she is just incredible to work with. We shot 6 looks whilst she was here, a mixture around my house & studio. It has been one of my toughest shoots to narrow selections down for. I am holding off sharing anything yet as I really want to submit some of the sets we got.

Keep an eye out for these images!

JL x

Sovereign in Iron

Remember the slight teasers I shared back on the 9th of January? Well, now I can finally share the images from that shoot!

They have now been published in Surreal magazine this month. I really enjoyed this shoot, as although Guilli and I were using items we had previously shot with before, we wanted to approach it differently and play with the styling.

The chainmail hood is something I acquired on Ebay, it’s one of my favourite purchases and I don’t think I will ever tire of using it in shoots. The scalemaile was from the lovely It Is Known, and I love incorporating her beautiful pieces into my shoots where I can.

The armour chestplate was something Guilli had made for part of a costume, but we felt it would work really well for what we were planning. We styled it differently for 2 seperate looks, and I can’t decide what look I like the most!

I have some sneak previews of my shoot with Lauren C a couple of weeks ago still to share, and we have a couple of magazines publishing us as well which is great. I finished editing my images of Constance Peach from our shoot a couple of weeks ago too, so have an update still to do on those. I also had another great shoot with the lovely Polly Anther. We managed an epic 6 looks, all very different, utilising not just my home studio but also areas of my house. I can’t wait to share those, so keep checking back for a bit of a peek!

I am shooting again this weekend, so I’m very busy at the moment.

JL x

Back cover of Surreal Magazine, Issue 261


I haven’t left it quite as long as past updates, but still haven’t been as frequent as I was hoping. Last month was a busy one, and this one is looking to be even more so!

I had a few great shoots last month, and it was a great start to the year. I did my first male model shoot in about 7 years, and it went really well. Konstantine was a great model to work with, and I think we got some really strong shots.

Gallery below!

I did my first shoot of February during the week, with model & performer Constance Peach. We got some really lovely shots that I am excited to share once I have edited. I am loving having the freedom to shoot around my house now that the majority of it is decorated, it is nice to take some imagery that is not purely studio based.

Couple of sneaky peeks to the right…

I have a very busy month ahead, an still have some unseen work to share as well! So will hopefully be able to update with those soon!

JL x

Hello 2022!

Hello 2022!

Well here we are, another New Year! I hope everyone had a good Christmas & New Years.

I got a bit slack with the updating towards the end of last year, lost my mojo a little bit. But I am determined to get back on track this year.

I have already this weekend done my first shoots of the year which went great, and I am really excited for what the rest of the year will hold.

Towards the end of last year Invested in a new (well. 2nd hand camera) which was just the model up from my 5D Mark II, and I really love the Mark III. I just felt after 10+ years with my Mark II, I needed to retire it slightly and keep it as a backup. I also invested in some new lighting, finally saying buy to using my speedlites paired with my Bowens Geminis, and I now have a pair of Interfit Badger Unleashed, which are an amazing piece of kit.

I am looking forward to putting them more to use throughout 2022!

Image to the right is a peek from today's shoot. It was my first shoot with a male model in a long time! Below a very sneaky peek of yesterday's shoot. I am looking at submitting these, so can't do a full reveal yet!


I am shooting again next weekend, and I still have some work from 2021 that I just never got round to sharing! So lets hope I don't slack on updating here again!

JL x

Time has flown by!

I don’t know where the last 3 or so months has gone, and I can’t believe I have left it that long to update!

I have been busy with model shoots, self shoots & I have had a couple of weddings to photograph, some freelance retouching work and we have also had a couple of little breaks away. So time has just flown by!

Since my last update, I have shot with a couple of people who I have already worked with before, plus some new ones who I have wanted to work with for years! I have created some work I am really proud of.

This year I have definitely got to do more which has been fantastic, it has been so nice being creative with others again. As well as keeping myself busy with self shoots!

I am now done with shooting for 2021, other than for my last wedding of the year this weekend. I have some bits & pieces to do around the house between now and Christmas (I can’t believe it is next month already!), but I also just want to have some downtime to get ready to have a nice chilled festive period.

I still have some new images to finish, and share once publication has happened. I got to work with the lovely Dani Devine recently, and I love what we created and can’t wait to share!

Here is a bit of what I have been up to the past 3 months with models Purple Muffinz, Psycatt & Stephanie Jay! Image Heavy!

Alongside model shoots I have been self shooting quite a bit also. I love doing this as it lets me experiment with lighting and keeps me busy & creative if I haven’t had time to book any one in.

I will try to update a bit sooner next time (although I have said that before haha)

I still have new images to share, plus I did my 10 looks for Halloween again which was a blast!

I am going to be working on a separate website as well to start hosting my wedding & family photography, as it does not really fit in with this site, so keep an eye out for that!

JL x

Miss Lauren

Just a quick post update, as I realised I am a bit behind posting these images! I finished them a while ago, but I got a bit side tracked with my last post as I was excited about the publication with Femme Rebelle!

Lauren contacted me on Instagram about working together after having followed me for a little while. I really liked her look, and have been looking to work with new people so immediately booked with her!

I really love how these shots came out, and have started to make more use of my house for photos, this time using the living room. We made use of a pretty body harness I was also sent by Basque & Glory!

Lauren & I plan to work together again at some point, so keep an eye for more work from the two of us!

JL x