Basque & Glory - Pretty in Pink

Basque & Glory - Pretty in Pink

Quick little update. Life is a bit hectic recently with renovations going on, so I have neglected my blog somewhat whilst trying to get our decorating done so I can have my studio back!

Over the August bank holiday I self shot the lovely items from Basque & Glory that I had also shot on Teagan Paige (Post still to come showing these!) 

I had fun playing with these looks, and had already envisioned how I wanted to shoot them on myself. Pink, believe it or not is not my chosen colour, but I seem to have done quite a bit with it this year! Although my aesthetic and style is dark and involves nearly all black, I do love playing with other styles and colours in my self shoots. 

I still have my behind the scenes video with Teagan Paige to edit from our last shoot, but going to work on it this week! I also have a Cosplay self shoot look to share which I loved doing. It is someone I cosplayed about 5 years ago, but it was definitely time for a redo!

JL x

Teagan Paige - Edited!

I have been busy the last few weekends with shoots, and it’s felt great. Today I had my last shoot until about October due to a renovation project that needs my full time and attention if I wish to have it completed. But this also gives me time to catch up on my editing work.

Today’s shoot was with Teagan Paige again, and it was her last as she is leaving the UK next week, so I was glad to fit her in again before she leaves!

Here is a little peek of what we shot today! I had Basque & Glory send me a couple of cute sets (which I will also be self shooting soon) and we also did some images in the bath with flowers.

My last shoot with Teagan Paige was great fun, and we both went into it blind as I had been let down by another model last minute, and she was on hand to help me out!

Considering we had no idea of what we were going to shoot, we managed to pull together 4 looks which I ended up loving.

My favourite from the set has got to be with the chainmail hood. I have used this a few times now for shoots, and every shoot has come out so different. I think these are probably my favourites. The colours,the styling, the poses, they just all work so well together and created some strong beauty images.

I still have my Witcher cosplay shoot to finish, and I am also waiting on Charlotte’s selections from our shoot last weekend. I definitely have a lot to keep me going for a bit. I will also have a behind the scenes video from this shoot as well!

Next weekend I have plans to self shoot, and have 4 looks I wish to do. I will be shooting the 2 Basque & Glory sets I shot this weekend, plus 2 cosplay inspired looks.

Here is the little behind the scenes video from our previous shoot! I would really like to get a proper camera to film behind the scenes again like I used too, but for now they are just filmed on my Google Pixel. Music is by Absent Minds.



I've left it a while...

I've left it a while...

I hadn’t quite planned to leave it this long before updating again! I don’t actually know where the time has gone. It’s crazy how time has flown this year by not being able to really do anything. I have been keeping busy somewhat, mostly with my retouching work, and DIY!

I am hopefully back to shooting models again in August! I am looking forward to photographing other faces rather than just my own. I won’t be diving back in fully just yet, as my weekends are unfortunately the only time I get to do work on the house with my husband, and we are a bit behind where we wanted to be due to Covid.

I haven’t self shot as much as I normally would, mostly due to my time having to be used elsewhere, but I have still managed to do some bits.

Her style is totally everything I love, so I just had to do something. I would now love to do a proper cosplay look of her, but we shall see. I may do a lingerie version for now.

I don’t think I actually got round to sharing these when I shot them back in April! It doesn’t even feel that long ago, again it’s mad how time is just whizzing by.

This was when I first went back to purple during this lockdown (I am currently on my 2nd go with purple now), and I couldn’t resist doing a casual Raven look. I was loosely inspired by some fan artwork by Gabriel Picolo & Oliussart.

Back in May, I yet again changed my hair colour. Not being able to see my hairdresser has been tough, as I won’t allow myself to bleach my hair anymore, as it’s so much healthier since I stopped doing it. So I am just living with monsterous roots, and decided to play with a different colour. And shoot some new natural light pictures, as I loved doing the last set.

The yellow didn’t last long however, but I think it will make a return at some point!

In May, I also shot another outfit from Shhh Couture Latex that I had, and I also shot a look with the Harness I was gifted by Basque & Glory, teamed up with the matching corset. This set was probably my favourite I had shot. I love using orange gels in images, and it worked so well with the colour of the wig, and the rust tones in the backdrop.

For the latex set, I used some pearlescent plastic wrap to create the backdrop. It’s great stuff to use as it catches the light really well, but also because it’s pearlescent, you can see the different colours in it.

I have another two new sets I still need to edit, which I just shot just recently. June, I didn’t do any self shooting. I took a bit of time away from social media, and tried focusing on other things for a little while. It was quite needed, and I felt a bit more refreshed after it.

Keep an eye out for some new sets!

Hopefully I won’t leave it so long to update next time!

JL x

What I've Been Upto...

What I've Been Upto...

I didn’t realise it has been a month since my last post, I have no idea where May has gone! I have spent the month working mostly, due to people in my department at my day job being on furlough. In all honesty, I am enjoying the freedom of working from home, its nice to be in my own space and I have found I have been far more productive.

I haven’t shot much throughout May, I just wasn’t feeling inspired to do any looks, and actually just felt a bit run down. I did however, shoot some new looks at the weekend for June, as I got a bit of a creative buzz back which was nice.

The one thing I had been making sure to get out and do more last month was walking. I really got into my fitness last year, mostly doing weights, but my steps have always suffered due to working a desk job. I started really well at the start of the year, going out on my lunch breaks for walks, walking the dog every evening, but then I kind of stopped and was barely hitting 4k steps a day. I now aim for at least 10. I get up early and do a 2 mile walk first thing with Luna, and then we go out for another mile in the evening. I am making sure to get up and just take a walk around the house to get away from my screen as well.

During one of these walks, I took my SLR with me. Every month since we have had Luna I have taken her photo professionally. I obviously have tonnes of photos on my phone, but I like to try and capture her properly to document how she changes.

I took these on one of our walks. We are quite fortunate to live in such a beautiful area that is surrounded by nature, and this one absolutely loves the sunshine and being outside!

I did get round to doing a couple of looks, nothing as dramatic as previous, and also doing something I haven’t done for a while, which is shoot portraits with natural light. I actually forgot how much I love natural light. I had planned to do more of it this year, but then Covid-19 happened, and literally all of my shoot plans have just gone out of the window, and I am just having to do self stuff for the time being.

I first did a sport lingerie set, where the main source of light is to my left which is our bedroom window. I really liked this set, and due to getting into fitness I have found more body confidence. I used to do lingerie stuff back when I modelled, so this wasn’t anything new for me.

Second look I did was just sort of a Outfit of the Day look inspired for World Goth Day, which falls on the 22nd of May. I was kindly gifted the harness from Basque & Glory, and wanted to incorporate it into a look for that. I shot this in my dining room with the main light source being the window in front of me. I am quite fortunate that I have big windows in my house, so the lighting is always lovely…its just a pain when having to get curtains & blinds!

I can’t wait to show you what I shot the weekend just gone. Another natural light lingerie look  with another new hair colour! Plus a couple of studio looks with gels!

JL x