Productive Weekend!

Productive Weekend!

This weekend has been a productive one for me, as I have been busy with shoots and catching up with some editing.

First shoot of the weekend was with a Twitch Streamer by the name of Alyska Plays, who contacted me about photographing a cosplay she had. It was one of the dresses worn by Yennefer in the Netfix Witcher series. I jumped on the chance, as I love both the series & video games.

She had never done a photoshoot before, and our original plan had to be put aside due to the weather changing drastically, but we made it work and she and I both ended up loving the results!

I have only edited a couple for now, but here they are. The headshot I just love!

Yesterday I had a shoot with a lovely model who I have been working with since last year. It was nice to see her again with everything that has been going on, as we were due to shoot in April! We decided to go the colourful route, but didn’t get to do everything we had intended due to the weather again! I was really hoping for some natural light shots as well, but it poured down all day!

Here is a sneak peek of what we got up to.

I am currently in the process of finishing off last week’s edit as well as the behind the scenes video!

I have plenty to keep me busy at the moment.

JL x

Finally back to shooting!

Finally back to shooting!

It seems summer is officially here, and boy is it a scorcher! I am glad that I had already shot the latex looks I did last month when it was cooler!

In my last post, I mentioned that I have a coupe of self shoots to still edit. I had fun with these, I love playing with different styling, wigs & lighting. First set, I wanted to shoot something a bit fashiony and bold. I have had this red bodysuit for a while, which I keep in my costume drawer specifically for shoots. I love how bright the red is, so wanted it to contrast with the backdrop, and felt my Blue was the perfect match! My fan was used for this set as well, I am just absolutely loving hair movement in photos currently.

The second set I wanted to do something a bit Cyperpunk/post-apocalyptic, with a futuristic twist. I felt my neck corset was fitting as well for the times at the moment, where we all have to wear a mask when shopping or using transport. I went a bit more creative with these and decided to photoshop in aspects of the backdrop to more fit the theme.

To plan these shoots though, I actually used some software I have only recently come across, and really like. It’s called Set a Light 3D. It’s fantastic for planning your set up, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to play on the day. 

These were the results from my set up in the software. Obviously, with the Cyberpunk look I went with more saturation, but both turned out how I had envisioned in this program.

Below are the results.

Sunday was my first shoot with a model since lockdown. It was supposed to have happened last weekend, but I got let down last minute, and did again by the same person this weekend. Fortunately, someone I have worked with before saw my post looking for someone last minute.

We had a fab afternoon creating, and it felt so good to be back behind the camera again.

I hopefully have another 2 shoots this week, and potentially another couple at some point on a weekday, and then I am not able to shoot again until about the end of September/ beginning October due to house renovations.

Here is a sneaky peek of the looks we did Sunday taken on my phone.

I am so excited to edit these images. I have almost narrowed them down, but boy has it been hard! I think the chainmail hood shots are possibly my favourite. I have shot with this a few times now, but everyone has been styled so differently, it’s amazing what different accessories & lighting can do.

I should hopefully have a behind the scenes video of this to share once I get round to editing it, so keep a lookout for my next post!




I've left it a while...

I've left it a while...

I hadn’t quite planned to leave it this long before updating again! I don’t actually know where the time has gone. It’s crazy how time has flown this year by not being able to really do anything. I have been keeping busy somewhat, mostly with my retouching work, and DIY!

I am hopefully back to shooting models again in August! I am looking forward to photographing other faces rather than just my own. I won’t be diving back in fully just yet, as my weekends are unfortunately the only time I get to do work on the house with my husband, and we are a bit behind where we wanted to be due to Covid.

I haven’t self shot as much as I normally would, mostly due to my time having to be used elsewhere, but I have still managed to do some bits.

Her style is totally everything I love, so I just had to do something. I would now love to do a proper cosplay look of her, but we shall see. I may do a lingerie version for now.

I don’t think I actually got round to sharing these when I shot them back in April! It doesn’t even feel that long ago, again it’s mad how time is just whizzing by.

This was when I first went back to purple during this lockdown (I am currently on my 2nd go with purple now), and I couldn’t resist doing a casual Raven look. I was loosely inspired by some fan artwork by Gabriel Picolo & Oliussart.

Back in May, I yet again changed my hair colour. Not being able to see my hairdresser has been tough, as I won’t allow myself to bleach my hair anymore, as it’s so much healthier since I stopped doing it. So I am just living with monsterous roots, and decided to play with a different colour. And shoot some new natural light pictures, as I loved doing the last set.

The yellow didn’t last long however, but I think it will make a return at some point!

In May, I also shot another outfit from Shhh Couture Latex that I had, and I also shot a look with the Harness I was gifted by Basque & Glory, teamed up with the matching corset. This set was probably my favourite I had shot. I love using orange gels in images, and it worked so well with the colour of the wig, and the rust tones in the backdrop.

For the latex set, I used some pearlescent plastic wrap to create the backdrop. It’s great stuff to use as it catches the light really well, but also because it’s pearlescent, you can see the different colours in it.

I have another two new sets I still need to edit, which I just shot just recently. June, I didn’t do any self shooting. I took a bit of time away from social media, and tried focusing on other things for a little while. It was quite needed, and I felt a bit more refreshed after it.

Keep an eye out for some new sets!

Hopefully I won’t leave it so long to update next time!

JL x

Latex Goodness - Self Shoot

Latex Goodness - Self Shoot

I mentioned on my previous post I had some latex from Shhh Couture that was sent to me for model shoots, but I had decided to self shoot it during this time due to the current situation. I really love how these turned out, and I wanted to share my lighting set ups for both of these sets as well!

I loved this baby blue two piece that I knew I wanted to do something bright and colourful. The wig was a bargain off of ebay, and went great with this look. My favourite shot is actually the portrait shot to the left, which was a spur of the moment thing when I was coming to the end of the shoot.

As soon as I saw this dress, I knew I wanted to do something a bit more elegant. I had a halo that I made for shoot, but not yet used and thought this would go great with it.

This set I had the most issues with due to the back rim light with the snoot just kept misfiring, so it took a bit longer than I had wanted, and I was a bit fed up by the end, but I got there eventually.

I hope you liked those, and find the lighting diagrams useful.

I had another self shoot that I quickly did the other day, due to a hair change. I couldn’t resist doing a casual cosplay of a character with the same coloured hair! Keep a look out for those.

Stay safe,

JL x


Faith Roswell - Extras!

Faith Roswell - Extras!

We are currently in some strange times, and I really hope everyone is keeping safe and well!

Due to obvious reasons, I haven’t done any new model shoots lately. I have never been more excited to be able to get back to doing what I love with other people, but right now I am just focusing on keeping well and staying inside.

I am quite fortunate that I can work remotely from home, so my day job as a retoucher has not been impacted, and due to the current climate, it’s almost the best time to be working in e-commerce right now, as people appear to be online shopping a lot!

To help also keep the time going, and to also keep some sort of normality in my life, I have been self shooting, which I love doing anyway, so keep an eye out for some posts to come on those shoots!

This week I edited some extra shots of Faith from our shoot last month! This was such a hard shoot for me to narrow down, so I am so glad she made some extra choices for me to work on.

I hope you like them!

JL x

Faith Roswell - Complete Edit!

Faith Roswell - Complete Edit!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with the awesome Faith Roswell, someone I wish I had worked with so much sooner! She was the sweetest, nicest person and absolutely killer at making costumes & posing.

As you would have seen on my previous ‘Sneak Peak’ post, you will see that we shot 3 different looks on our shoot. I also did a bit of timelapse recording of our shoot to create a little behind the scenes video. I used to create these kind of videos all the time, and its something I wish to pick up again! Unfortunately on this occasion my stand holding the phone was a bit damaged, and I didn’t notice it had moved and tilted the phone. So, its not the best recording angle due to this, but you get the idea. I will make sure to use a different stand next time. I also forgot to put it on for the last look, so there is only the first 2 looks!

My lighting set up mostly involved using 3 – 4 lights, 2 o which are Bowens Geminis, and 2 a simply battery speed lights. For our first set, which was the blue, I had a snoot to the left of Faith hitting her shoulder and side, to her right I had a softbox with a red gel in. At her front, I had my beauty dish with honeycomb grid aiming down towards her, and underneath that aiming up I had a reflector dish with a diffuser and blue gel on it – basically forming a clam shell. The shadows with the colours really makes this set more dynamic I feel, especially with Faiths expressions and posing.

My second light set up was similar to the first, in that it involved using the clam shell lighting again, this time with a green gel on the bottom. To the left of Faith I had the softbox with a red gel, and to the right up high I had a translucent white umbrella aiming down to catch the hair.

My final set up, I used the same as the second, and just changed the green gel to orange, and added a yellow gel to my umbrella to give more warmth to the hair. This look was wasteland warrior inspired, so I wanted to use warm colours to give a apocalyptic feel.

I really enjoyed this shoot, and after having a bunch of last minute cancellations, it was lovely to work with someone reliable. and who put their all into what they do. Already looking forward to our next collaboration!

JL x

Faith Roswell Sneak Peak!

Faith Roswell Sneak Peak!

Sunday I had the pleasure of finally working with the lovely Faith Roswell, who I wish I had worked with so much earlier, as she was an absolute blast! We have had this organised for a good couple of months, as Faith was doing a modelling tour and I was one of her last stops before heading home, so I jumped at the chance when she got in touch.

Faith makes amazing outfits out of literally anything, and had put together a few things especially for our shoot. I always love having a variety of things to shoot, I like to go a bit wild and try new things, even if each look doesn’t necessarily sit together usually, they still work.

We started off with a bodysuit, which started to have a superhero/villain vibe, which I will always dig due to loving cosplay & comics! Our second look had more of a gothic/cyberpunk, and the deep plunge on the bodysuit was gorgeous. We ended our shoot on a really cool wasteland look, which had some serious Mad Max vibes going on!

I am super excited to edit these. I did also do a few time lapse videos for behind the scenes as well. So keep an eye out for the pictures and little videos. I will also put a brief of my light set up at some point as well!



Viva Las Vegas!

Last year I was fortunate enough to work with a collection of amazing people, and it was probably my favourite year for shoots so far. In a good month, I aim to shoot around 2-3 times if time permits, as I am a full time Retoucher in my day job, and I am also in the process of renovating my house, so I need to split my time efficiently. Sometimes things don’t happen the way I want, spare time doesn’t manifest or I get cancelled on last minute (which, unfortunately does happen at times), but I try not to dwell on this matter, and just enjoy what I do. This is why I can be found self shooting on occasion, because as a creative I get frustrated if I am not doing something productive.

Shooting abroad is something I really love doing when I can. I have only done this a couple of times, but my aim is when ever I have a big trip planned to try and organise a shoot or two with some local models to the area.

Red Rock Canyon & The Valley of Fire

At the start of that year, I was turning the dreaded 3-0 and we headed off to Las Vegas to soften the blow. Whilst out in Vegas, we got to visit some really cool places, my highlights being Red Rock Canyon, & the Valley of Fire! Both incredibly beautiful spots to visit, and if you ever go I highly recommend a trip to both.

Before heading out to Vegas, I decided to put myself out there, and advertise on some modelling sites that I was visiting, and low and behold I got a number of people get back to me, and we organised shoots. Now, it’s my aim when ever I have a trip that is long enough to accommodate a shoot, I will always try to book something in as I love working with different people.

I took with me my compact lights, which are essentially speed-lights that I will sometimes use along side my studio lighting, as well as a selection of fabric backdrops that were easy to get into the suitcase. I arranged to shoot with the gorgeous Shonda Mackey, who as soon as I saw her contact me, I jumped on the opportunity as her look is amazing, and I adored all of her tattoos and hair.

We had a lovely shoot just in the hotel room of where I was staying. It was great to be able to use the hotel room to shoot as well as backdrops too, to get a cool selection of imagery. She was absolute bliss to work with, and I am already dying to head back to Vegas to work with her again!

You can find the images from our shoot at the bottom of this page, enjoy!

JL x

I couldn’t resist taking my coloured gels away with me!