Basque & Glory - Pretty in Pink

Quick little update. Life is a bit hectic recently with renovations going on, so I have neglected my blog somewhat whilst trying to get our decorating done so I can have my studio back!

Over the August bank holiday I self shot the lovely items from Basque & Glory that I had also shot on Teagan Paige (Post still to come showing these!) 

I had fun playing with these looks, and had already envisioned how I wanted to shoot them on myself. Pink, believe it or not is not my chosen colour, but I seem to have done quite a bit with it this year! Although my aesthetic and style is dark and involves nearly all black, I do love playing with other styles and colours in my self shoots. 

I still have my behind the scenes video with Teagan Paige to edit from our last shoot, but going to work on it this week! I also have a Cosplay self shoot look to share which I loved doing. It is someone I cosplayed about 5 years ago, but it was definitely time for a redo!

JL x