Last month I worked with Lauren again, and we had a great shoot and created some beautiful imagery. A couple of sets we sent for magazines, one was Gothic Culture Magazine, and we are due a cover in April from Nocturnus, which is exciting. Once I have tear sheets I will post those.

It is always a fun shoot with Lauren, as she is such a lovely and bubbly person to work with. We made use of areas of my house again, but different rooms, such as my dining room & bedroom, as well as my little studio. I think my favourite set was in the Dining room (image to the right), as I used a mix of ambient and flash in here, and used a blue gel for an accent.

I can’t wait to see our publication in April, and will hopefully get something else organised with this beauty again soon!


Polly - Back of the Camera

I had an incredible shoot with Polly Anther recently, she is just incredible to work with. We shot 6 looks whilst she was here, a mixture around my house & studio. It has been one of my toughest shoots to narrow selections down for. I am holding off sharing anything yet as I really want to submit some of the sets we got.

Keep an eye out for these images!

JL x